Las Vegas vacation home rentals and corporate housingWith well over 30 million people visiting Las Vegas every year, is it any wonder there are so many amazing hotels to choose from. Everything from the most simple square box hotel rooms to something more akin to satisfying the most rich and famous who are used to palatial mansions. Yet with all of these rooms available, there is still something left to be desired in all of those hotels. That something is privacy.

Okay, you know Las Vegas is a busy place. You know that when you come here you are likely going to have to face waiting in line for every meal and deal with the traffic and congestion of the wandering masses. But there comes a time when even this is too much. There are times when staying at the casino is not the most attractive option. What if you don't want to be up at the crack of dawn to mark your place by the swimming pool before the 4000 other guests do? Unknown to most visitors is the option of staying in a Las Vegas vacation home rental. An option that avoids all of the privacy issues and also affords the opportunity to save on lodging and food as well.

Luxury homes and select vacation rentalsIn Las Vegas there are several ways to go about finding a good vacation home rental. You can of course check one of the many rental-by-owner sites for short term rentals, or check on sites like Craigslist for vacation rentals. But one of the best options is to work with a local company who specializes in vacation rentals and corporate housing in Las Vegas. Not only does working with a rental company afford you a better choice of homes, it also gives you some guarantee of a fallback should something happen to the home you choose. Unlike homeowners, rental companies have many homes in their inventory and will typically swap you for another similar or better rental should something happen to yours. This is not unheard of, as vacation rentals and not hotels. They are usually one of a kind homes with one owner. If something happens then you lose your lodging.

Private pools and spasAnother advantage of working with a vacation rental company is if they provide customer service. By having a staff dedicated to taking care of customers you will be more likely to be taken care of if you need it. These companies depend on their reputations for business,and are therefore more committed to providing good customer service than most.  They know that if you have a bad experience you wont come back, so they work heard to prevent that.

One of the few companies in Las Vegas that meets that criteria is Las Vegas Retreats. Their Las Vegas vacation home rentals have been at the top of the quality and service for many years now. Having founded their company in 2004, they have earned an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and have an excellent and well know reputation in Las Vegas. They offer a wonderful inventory of vacation rentals all over the valley, in strategic locations convienient to the Strip, where nearly everything is happening.

For more information contact Las Vegas Retreats at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call them at 702 944-9978

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